Welcome to Damour Music School
Teaching Iranian and international instruments
Children's music
If you are looking for proper music training for your children, we are always by your side.
Inviting foreign professors
Holding a masterclass by the best foreign professors at Damour Music School
Holding large educational concerts
We are trying to increase students' motivation and self-confidence.
Damour children's chorus
Establishment of Damour Children's Choir in 2016
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آموزشگاه موسیقی

آموزشگاه غرب تهران بهترین آموزشگاه موسیقی آکادمی موسیقی
Music is one of the few arts that has potential effects on the human mind. Improving IQ, self-confidence, creativity, creating order, concentration, etc. are some of the clear examples of the effects of learning music. Of course, it should be noted that incorrect music education can have negative and destructive effects on the student’s mind. 
Damour Music School was established in Tehran in 2014 by Faraz Khosravi Danesh, Ata Hakak and Ghazal Aklili.
This school has a license from the Ministry of Culture of Iran.
We are the meeting point between the traditions of the past and the talent of the future, seeking out and supporting the musicians today whose music will move the world tomorrow.
Damour Music School is ready to take an effective step in the responsible way of educating your children by using the experienced music teachers of the country.
The activities of this academy include holding masterclasses, short-term training courses, and also holding various concerts for students.

Damour Music School professors

Faraz Khosravi Danesh

Piano, solfege instructor and choir conductor
Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Ghazal Aklili

Solfege & Violin instructor Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays

Ata Hakkak

Piano instructor

Afarin Agah

Santoor instructor
Sunday and Wednesday

Amin Seifian

Voice coach

Shahriar Khosravi Danesh

Flamenco Guitar

Maryam Shamami

Classic Guitar
Saturdays and Mondays

Sina Khanizadeh

Guitar and harmonica instructor

Negar Safarzadeh

Piano Instructor

Tahereh Karevani

Child instructor

Sasan Salaseli

Daf, Tombak and Cajon instructor

Shouka Zakariaii

Piano instructor
Saturdays and Thursdays

Parviz Davoudi

Tar and Setar instructor

Marjan Ali

Child instructor

Ahmad Ghasemi

Classic Guitar

Kimia Kianian

Child coach & Kamancheh instructor

Mehdi Mohaghegh

Flamenco Guitar

Farhad Rajabi

Tar and Setar instructor

Hamoon Hashemi

Voice coach

Shiva Afraz

Classic Guitar

Ehda Moslehi

qanoon instructor

Atoosa Sanjabi

Santoor instructor

Behrooz Mehrnahad

Classic Guitar

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